Western Hognose offspring coming in 2012
 2012 is the most exciting and the largest production year in the history of Superconda.com

*Some of these offspring are the only ones ever produced in the world to date, and will be sold in limited numbers.

All repeat customers will receive a 10% discount and free shipping in the US

All anacondas will receive free shipping in the US and the Hamm Germany show

Designer morph combos

These will produce a plethora of designer morphs 

  • Co Dominate / Simple Recessive / Line trait and Heterozygous for simple Recessive. *
  • Purple line / Red albino / Anaconda / Heterozygous for Snow.  *


Co-Dominate and simple Recessive trait mix, just breath taking

  • The Pink Panther
  • Pink Pastel Anaconda
  • Albino Superconda,
    Red, Yellow, Creamsicle *
  • Anery Superconda, BHB and New York line, Silver Streak *
  • Toffee Belly Superconda  * 
  • Red Striped Albino Anaconda *
  • Albino Anaconda, red, yellow, orange
  • Anery Anaconda
  • Toffee Belly Anaconda.  *

Co-Dominate and color line trait mix to increase color.

  • Red stripe Superconda / purple line Anaconda x Anaconda
  • Superconda / Anaconda x Anaconda
  • Yellow Anaconda
  • Red Anaconda
  • Purple line Anaconda
  • Cream / white Anaconda

Co-Dominate and Heterozygous for simple recessive

  • Superconda het pink pastel / The Pink Panther *
  • Superconda het for anery / BHB Line and
    New York Line *
  • Superconda het Albino   *
  • Anaconda double het snow *
  • Anaconda het for albino red, yellow, orange 
  • Anaconda het Toffee Belly
  • Anaconda het Pink Pastel
  • Anaconda het anery
  • Anaconda het hypo
  • Striped anaconda het albino
  • Titanium Tigerconda het albino


  • Superconda
  • Striped Superconda
  • Classic Anaconda
  • Tiger Anaconda
  • Titanium Anaconda
  • Titanium Tiger Anaconda
  • Striped Anaconda

Simple recessive

  • Snow
  • Albino, red, yellow, orange
  • Anery
  • Toffee belly
  • Hypo


Heterozygous for simple recessive

  • Double het snow
  • Het albino, red, yellow, orange
  • Het anery /BHB line and New York Line
  • Het Toffee belly


Line Traits

  • Yellow phase
  • Green Phase
  • Red phase
  • White Phase


These have yet to be produced *

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